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Hot Cowboy Nights

Hot Cowboy Nights

Book 2, The Lucky Penny Ranch Series

Let’s give ’em something to talk about…

If gossip is the lifeblood of a small town, then Lizzy Logan has been its beating heart. After being dumped by her fiancé for another woman, she could have decided to crawl under a rock. But no, she’d rather really set tongues wagging by “moving on” with one of the hottest cowboys in Texas, who happens to live next door at the Lucky Penny Ranch. Those busybodies don’t have to know it’s actually all pretend. And just because Lizzy has no aim to tame her wild, blue-eyed neighbor doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy the ride of her life.

Toby Dawson never was and never will be the settling-down type. But what harm could there be in agreeing to be Lizzy’s pretend boyfriend? They’ll put on a show for a few weeks and be done. Yet the more he gets to know Lizzy—really know her—the harder it is for him to keep his hands off of her in private. Soon this rough-and-ready cowboy is hoping to heal Lizzy’s bruised heart and turn their fake affair into a true romance…

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What Happens in Texas

Coming June 6, 2016

Coming June 6, 2016

Carolyn Brown brings her unique voice to this tale of twin sisters finding love in a small Texas town

Cathy Andrew’s biological clock has passed the ticking stage and is dangerously close to “blown plumb up”. While her twin sister Marty thinks settling down with one man is just a waste of good cowboys, Cathy wants it all: the perfect husband, the baby, and a little house right there in Cadillac. But even as the town is laying bets on whose wedding will be next, Cathy doesn’t see happily-ever-after happening anytime soon. 

Fortunately, Cathy and Marty have best friends who aren’t afraid to stir up a ruckus-and if it means Cathy’s got to bust out and set the town on its ear they’ll back her up-no matter how hot things get.

(Originally published as The Blue-Ribbon Jalapeno Society Jubilee.)

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On the Horizon

Coming in 2016-2017

Coming in 2016-2017

Right now this is what 2016 and 2017 are shaping up to look like. As soon as my publishers give me more absolute dates, I will post them to keep you informed.

What Happens in Texas, June 6
A Cowboy Christmas Miracle, (final book in the Burnt Boot Series) Sept. 6
The Lullaby Sky, Sept. 13
Merry Cowboy Christmas, (Book 3 of the Lucky Penny Series) Sept. 27
A Heap of Texas Trouble, Dec. 6
The Barefoot Summer, Jan. 3, 2017
Wicked Cowboy Charm, Jan. 31, 2017
Luck of the Draw, March 7, 2017
The Lilac Bouquet, April 18, 2017
The Strawberry Hearts Diner, July 11, 2017

* What Happens in Texas was previously published as The Blue Ribbon Jalapeno Society Jubilee.
* A Heap of Texas Trouble was previously published as The Red Hot Chili Cook Off