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Blame it on Texas world launches April 21

My new world, Blame it on Texas, will launch on Thursday, April 21. Several amazing authors are writing stories set the Palo Duro Canyon in the world where Long, Hot Texas Summer and Daisies in the Canyon were created. I’m so excited that they are letting their characters visit my world and that they are writing stories about the Canyon. 

I hope y’all have as much fun reading about my favorite authors finding love in Texas as I do with every book I write. Location has been an important inspiration in my books and I’ve found that visiting my Texas canyon during all the seasons was amazing. Seeing how things looked with wild flowers in bloom, with snow drifts against the formations, with the first sprigs of green grass in the spring and the hot summer heat blowing in my face gave me an in depth look at each phase of the canyon’s beauty. It’s a harsh world but one that begs to be opened up for romance and love in the stark beauty of the canyon and the hard work in that area. Whether it’s a soldier who’s come home with battlescars or a young bride coming to the canyon for the first time, it’s a place to begin, to start a new life, to enjoy the daisies and the solitude that can only be found in the canyon. It’s a place to make new friends and cherish those who support you in everyday life and where you can walk through cemeteries and remember old friends who carved out a living in a world of dried up creek beds and cattle. 

 Sometimes in the still of the night, you can hear the birds calling out or the tree frogs and the crickets working together to bring you a concert. Often in the middle of their concerto, you can hear the bawling of a new baby calf or maybe the wind rustling through the mesquite and scrub oak as if using their gnarly old branches as musical instruments.

 It’s a community within itself, where neighbors are there for each other in good times and in bad times. Where they gather up for barn parties and cattle working days. It’s where the men respect their women, both for their independence and for their love. And where the women are sassy and tough and respect their men folks for the hard work they put into digging a living out of the red clay that too often is unyielding. 

 A World of surprises and love awaits in the Palo Duro Canyon of the Texas panhandle. Blame it on Texas takes place in the hard world of ranching where love can be found in a land that barely nurtures wild flowers. Where happy ever after might have to jump through hoops to be attained, but is oh so sweet when it arrives.

 It’s there in the Palo Duro Canyon that people come to live. Sometimes they stay; sometimes the loneliness drives them away, but once they’ve gotten a taste of the peace there, it stays with them forever. Whether they come back or not, they will never forget the experience of living in the canyon. 

I invite you to dive into several new love stories that will leave you “blaming a lot of happy-ever-afters on Texas.”

Blame it on Texas, a new world offered on Amazon. Here’s hoping you love going back there time and time again. 

Until next time–happy reading!

Carolyn Brown


  1. Lisa Gatlin says:

    On Amazon it says long hot Texas summer was book 2 in the McCabe homecoming series. Daisies….was released and takes place after Long…so it appears that one is book 3. I can’t locate book 1. Is there a book 1?

  2. Tasha says:

    Love the Palo Duro Canyon series/setting. Are we going to find out what happens to Abby’s sisters?!?!

  3. Susan Bauer-Dominik says:

    unable to find Blame it on Texas on Amazon, any ideas?

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