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All the Way from Texas

Contemporary Romance

All the Way from Texas Book Cover

Molly Baker, a first-rate reporter, and Carson Rhodes, an excellent photojournalist are two of the most talented students in their graduating class. So, who else would their professor pick but these two young, adventurous graduate students to go on a journalism excursion?
But newly engaged Molly has reservations about the trip. Of all the people in the class, Carson, with his movie star good looks and ego the size of Texas, is not her first choice to spend two weeks alone with.

On they way up through America’s heartland to Niagara Falls and back to Texas they travel on a journey that becomes more enjoyable with each passing mile. They learn to work together as a team—complementing each other’s natural skills and creativity. Somewhere along the way, amidst beautiful scenery and quiet country roads, they learn to listen to their hearts, to trust each other and fall in love.