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Love Is

Contemporary Romance

Love Is Book Cover

Amanda Creole Hawk has been in a terrible automobile accident which has left her sightless for six weeks. After she goes through five caretakers in as many days, her father hires a Mr. Parker to take care of her and tells her that he will be the last. The sparks fly between Creole and Mr. Parker from the first minute they’re in each other’s company. During the five weeks they spend together, both of their hearts fail to get the message that they have been determined not to like each other.

Then, Mr. Parker disappears on the very day that Creole gets her bandages removed and she finds her heart has been broken. But John Rollin Parker grew up with the headstrong Creole and he knows that she could never care about him, especially if Creole ever found out who he really was. Will he ever give in to his own heart and let her know?