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That Way Again

Contemporary Romance

That Way Again Book Cover

Kitty Maguire and Preston Fleming fell head over heels in love the first time they saw each other. They were planning a wedding and the rest of their lives together. But Kitty’s great-aunt put an end to all that in the course of one phone call, shattering both of their hearts and ruining their lives. Neither Kitty nor Preston would have thought her capable of telling one lie, much less two. Then when she died suddenly a week later, they never found out.

Five years later, Kitty comes back to Caddo, Oklahoma to sell Aunt Bertha’s house and to finally put closure on the fiasco that broke her heart in a million pieces when she found out Preston had found another woman. As luck would have it, every time she turns around he’s right there. The tingle is still there as well as the love, but he’s married… or at least Kitty thinks he is.