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Discussion Questions: Daisies in the Canyon

1) Abby experienced a roller coaster of emotions at her father’s funereal. Imagine yourself in her shoes. How would you have felt as you looked into the casket of a father you’d never seen before?

2) The Palo Duro Canyon is a desolate place but sometimes love is found where you least expect it. Could you see the setting, feel the dust and the cold north wind and feel as if you were there with Abby?

3) Three sisters who’ve never met before that day and in order to survive have to learn to work together. They were all three so very different and yet all three determined to stick it out to the end. Which one do you think will be the last girl standing?

4) Cooper and Abby fight their love right up until the end. With all their past baggage it’s not easy to trust others or even in themselves. Did you feel that the romance was an integral part of the story and was it handled in such a way that you felt the emotions that Cooper and Abby did.

5) Which sister’s story would you like to read next? Do you think Rusty will end up with the ranch or one of the two remaining sisters?

6) Was the bull scene on the porch and the way the sisters finally banded together believable?

7) Was Abby’s past military life believable? Could you vision her in BDU’s and combat boots? Did you like the fact that she wore her boots with her wedding dress?

8) I loved the cover of this book and squealed when my publisher sent it to me for approval. Did you like it? What is the first thing you look at when you buy a book? Cover? Blurb? First few lines in the book? Author’s name on the front?