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Book 5: The Love's Valley Series

Promises Book Cover

Indigo Hamilton was a lovely bride and the day was perfect as she walked down the aisle toward her smiling groom, Thomas Brewster. She was the absolute center of attention and loved being there–until the priest asked if anyone had any objections to the marriage. Then the doors of the church swung open and Indigo’s world fell apart.

Flannon Sullivan chose to sit at the back of the church. Thank goodness Indigo would be out of Love’s Valley and living in Shirleysburg for the next several months. Flannon had promised his sister, Douglass, and his brother, Colum, he’d stay until spring to help with the new horses and the new homes being built in Love’s Valley but only because Indigo would be married and gone. When the world came crashing down around Indigo’s white wedding dress, he sure enough wished he could break that promise.

Indigo hated all things Southern, especially the swaggering, handsome Flannon Sullivan. Flannon could have forgiven Indigo for being a Yankee but he sure hated that well-honed sharp tongue she used too often. Each of them made a silent vow that disastrous day they’d stay out of each other’s way all winter. But fate had different plans.