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Welcome to Happy, Texas!

Welcome to Happy, Texas! There really is a town by that name in the panhandle of Texas where the flat land reaches out for miles and miles until it meets the sky.

Starting a new series is always exciting but The Toughest Cowboy in Texas was an emotional trip for me. Brody and Lila had just graduated from high school the last time they’d seen each other. That was twelve years ago and now she’s back in Happy where everyone knows everyone, remembers all the silly things that happened in the past and the gossip mill is never without fodder. Cross Canadian Ragweed has a song on the market titled “17” and it says that you are always seventeen in your hometown. That’s the way Brody and Lila felt that summer, even if they were thirty year old adults. I could relate to both of them because when I go back home, everyone still remembers me as a seventeen year old kid, and I’ve been gone for more than fifty years.

At the end of the book, you’ll find the last chapter of Kasey and Jace’s story, Long Tall Christmas Cowboy, which will be on the shelves Jan. 30, 2018.  So don’t take your boots off just yet—there’s more on the way.

On another note, you are all invited to a live FB chat with me at Night Owl Reviews on June 19, from 7 to 8 p.m. I will have a 15 minute slot during that time to answer questions, talk about Toughest Cowboy in Texas and give away a few signed cowboy books. Mark your calendars and join us. I will publish the link to that chat on my FB pages as soon as Night Owl sends it to me.

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