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What’s Up Next in Carolyn’s World!

In two weeks Mr. B and I will be flying to Denver to attend my first ever RomCon Conference. I’m both excited and a little overwhelmed. I’d thought I’d just go to the conference, sit in the back corner and see how things were run then decide if I liked it well enough to really plow into the whole thing for another year.

Not so! First I was signed up for a game of Pictionary, along with several other authors and however many readers want to come play along with us. So if you know anything at all about Pictionary and you can draw more than a stick person or a blade of grass, please come and sit at my table. I promise the prizes are going to be very nice!!

Then I got another email saying that I would be playing Bingo with a group of readers and several different authors. I do know how Bingo works and it should be a lot of noisy fun as I get to know readers and authors alike. If you are coming to RomCon, plan to join us and check out the cutest Bingo cards ever printed, and you can take one home with you (along with other prizes) to keep. As authors, we’d even be glad to sign them for you!

In addition to these two events, I’ll be sitting on a chat panel with even more authors on Friday morning, so mark your calendars and bring your questions. We’ll be so glad to have people in the room. We’d like to have it jam packed full of readers!

On Saturday there’s a luncheon and when readers sign up they get to choose an author’s table…there’s still places left at my table. Can I entice you to choose my table by promising you a signed book?

Saturday afternoon will find me in the Pike’s Peak room from 1:30 to 3:00 so y’all come on in and we’ll visit about whatever you want! And after that there’s a book signing that all 60 authors will participate in from 3:30 to 5:30. Get your books signed and pick up some swag at each author’s spot.

I’m donating a raffle basket to the conference and one to the charity. Stop by the room where they’re displayed and take a look at all of them. Mine will have a Kindle in each basket—well, basket isn’t the right word for one of them. It’s a pink leather lap top case stuffed full of books, swag and prizes in addition to the Kindle Fire. I’ll be drawing a ticket for that one at the luncheon. 

If you are in Denver or if you are going to RomCon, I’d just love to meet you, so don’t be shy!! 

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