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Discussion Questions: Hidden Secrets

1) Hannah was willing to give up her lush lifestyle to move to a farm in Oklahoma. Why would she do that?

2) Who in the tiny little community of Emet, Oklahoma was most stand-offish when the ladies arrived? Why were those people wary of their new neighbors?

3) Why had Hannah never come back to visit her dear friend?

4) Kim is pregnant. Why is it so difficult for her to tell her family?

5) When the secrets begin to come out, which one surprised you as a reader the most?

6) Was the book as a whole satisfying? Did it reach emotions down deep in your soul? Which scene made you laugh the hardest? Which one brought tears to your eyes? Was there a scene when you want to slap someone?

7) Did you like the part that Norma played in the book even though she was dead?

8) Was the ending to your liking? If you could have written it anyway you wanted how would you have changed it?