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Discussion Questions: The Barefoot Summer

1) The three wives had no idea that Conrad had other marriages. What would you do if you found out your husband had married two more women? How would it make you feel if he’d married them on your wedding anniversary?

2) When they all show up at the cabin at the same time, were you surprised that none of them leave? What was your first opinion of each woman? Did you like them all equally or did you dislike any of them?

3) Did it surprise you that they were all suspect in the murder of Conrad? Would you have wanted to murder him if he’d been your husband and you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you wouldn’t be caught?

4) Did you like Waylon at first? Were you satisfied with him as a character? What would you change about him?

5) Do you like what the little girl, Gracie, brought to the book? Did you feel that she was the glue that finally bonded the three wives together?

6) Amanda was really whiny at first and it took her a while to realize what a con man she’d married. Did you find yourself liking her more when she finally saw the light?

7) Could you relate to Hattie and Victor? As secondary characters, did you like what they brought to the story line? Did you like their bantering and humor?

8) Solving Conrad’s murder? Were you surprised that it was a gang member who’d done it? Did you down deep wish it might have been one of the wives?

9) Conclusion? Was it satisfactory or was it tied up too neatly with that perfect little bow?