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Discussion Questions: The Ladies' Room

1) Could you feel Trudy’s pain as she crumbled in that bathroom stall after hearing such devastating news?

2) Would you, like Trudy, have wanted to kill the messenger (her two overbearing cousins) by strangling them with your panty hose?

3) Could you relate to a 40 year old overweight woman with no skills in a real life situation like Trudy had to face?

4) This book is the only one I’ve ever written in first person. Did it slow down your reading or make it more intimate?

5) Billy Lee refused to make decisions for Trudy, wanting her to learn to be independent. Did you like that about him?

6) Which scene in the book spoke to you the most? I loved it when she rode Aunt Gert’s tricycle to town to deliver the divorce papers.

7) Do you have a whole new respect for the smell of sardines?

8) Did you enjoy watching that old house come back to life? Was the symbolism of it and Trudy learning to really live at the same time evident?

9) The love aspect of the story came about slowly without any explicit sex and not a lot of sexual tension. Would you have changed that part of the story?

10) Would you read more stories like this? I’m publishing more like it. They are longer books and the sexual tension is a little more prevalent but there is no explicit sex in the books. Do you like this kind of romantic women’s fiction?